CAST Application Intelligence Platform

CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) is an enterprise-grade software quality analysis and measurement solution designed to analyze multi-tiered, multi-technology applications for technical vulnerabilities and adherence to architectural and coding standards.  The intelligence generated by CAST AIP has many uses:

  • Provides a bottom-up view of technical debt and imparting software engineering advice to the application development teams supporting these complex systems.
  • Insight into risks associated with upgrade of software packages, ability to automatically document complex, legacy systems.
  • Provides real-time information needed to improve application health and development team performance

Holistic, System Level Analysis Prevents Business Disruptions

Only System Level analysis can identify Architecturally Complex Violations, structural flaws involving interactions among components that reside in different application layers that cause business disruptions.  Although Architecturally Complex Violations constitute only 8% of the vulnerabilities in an application, they represent 52% of the repair effort and require 20 times more changes to fix! 

  • Proactive risk management, improved productivity, and reduced costs: As a fully automated solution, CAST AIP enables continual and objective assessment of the structural quality of applications being delivered to the business. At the component and application level, Structural Quality gives actionable insights to all levels of an IT organization. This allows for proactive risk management, improved productivity, and reduced costs.
  • True Enterprise Platform: CAST AIP is the only solution in the market today able to analyze all major technology stacks in use at IT organizations (J2EE/RDBMS; 4GL/RDBMS; .NET; Cobol/CICS/IMS/DB2; ERP customizations like SAP/Oracle/AMDOCS etc.).
  • Benchmarking: Only CAST, with a large repository of analyzed applications, can benchmark any application to its industry and/or technical peers.
  • Earlier Defect Detection: 10-50% reduction in source code defects early in the development cycle, leading to lower cost, and more satisfied users.
  • Faster Time to Market: 10-20% gains in efficiency through the reuse of components and frameworks, and by reducing rework. Good development practice means faster delivery to the business.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs: An automated and continuous structural quality improvement will drive application maintenance cost down by 10-30% over time.
  • Objective Sourcing Estimates:  Being able to estimate automatically the effort that should have been required for produced work can result in up to 50% savings on change requests.

AIP is available in SaaS mode or on premises. It can be licensed for any term, from 3-year to monthly.

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