CAST Enlighten

Depth view into application's structure
CAST Enlighten

CAST Enlighten gives you the power to understand your application architecture and create a visual representation that can be accessed by developers seeking to understand the application.

Enlighten builds this knowledge base by leveraging CAST’s renowned structural static code analysis engine, the Application Intelligence Platform, to look at how software components interact and then describes these interactions. A visual representation is then created that provides insight to new developers or new team members that helps them better understand, support, and continue to develop the application

With CAST Enlighten, you get:

  • A shorter learning curve for new developers or for developers taking over the codebase
  • A more collaborative team that can easily understand the code as it’s shared
  • Less time spent looking for the right information about the code
  • Automated document generation to ensure that the code documentation is always up to date

Understanding code that’s already been created is a challenge that every organization faces. Whether a new developer joins and must be taught, the support of the system is migrated to a shared services group, or the experienced developer that built the code is no longer with the organization, trying to parse code that was not well-documented causes headaches and is time consuming. And, of course, documenting code itself takes time and attention as well as requiring the documentation to be updated and adapt as development continues. With Enlighten, your organization can quickly and easily build the knowledge it needs to quickly support and build upon existing software code.

CAST Enlighten