Benchmarking With Appmarq

Appmarq is the industry’s most extensive application quality benchmarking repository. Appmarq is designed to help organizations manage their application development and maintenance to reach both operational and business goals. Appmarq contains software quality statistics, trend data and best practices collected from a number of industry sectors and geographies.

Automated and Objective Comparison

CAST’s sophisticated quality-measurement algorithms generate data directly from the source code. Appmarq provides valuable insight into how an application’s performance, or under performance, is costing the organization. This enables users to improve the performance of existing applications, reduce IT costs and increase productivity.

The Appmarq database includes more than one thousand applications covering all key industry sectors and technologies.

  • Key industry sectors: Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom, Technology, Government, Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, Retail & Wholesale
  • Application Topologies: J2EE & RDBMS (Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, etc.); .NET & RDBMS (Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, etc.); Mainframe ; Packaged Applications – Oracle ERP, SAP, SEIBEL, RETEK, AMDOCS; and  More than 20+ other languages

Each year, CAST Research Labs publishes a detailed report as a baseline of software trends found in our Appmarq repository. The executive summary of the CRASH report (CAST Report on Application Software Health) can be downloaded free of charge by clicking here. The full report can be purchased by contacting the CAST Information Center at +1 (877) 852 2278.

CRASH Report Coverage

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