Application Engineering Dashboard

Early Detection of the 90% of Production Outages that are Caused by Structural Defects

CAST Application Engineering Dashboard (AED) lets you examine your code across components, enabling direct insight into your “black box” to pinpoint the exact defects impacting your uptime and performance. CAST AED is the most capable risk detection machine available for IT software.

Real Visibility AED CAST Application Engineering Dashboard gives real visibility into code across the system

With the Application Engineering Dashboard, you can:

Identify Critical System-Level Violations
Quality Model
Determine Violations by Component

Application Components
Discover the Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Code
Weaknesses Stregths
Find the Riskiest Components

Top Modules with Critical Violations Top Riskiest Components
Understand What Rules are Being Broken
Top Rules Increasing Violations
Develop Action Plans

Action Plan

Only the CAST Application Engineering Dashboard provides the ability to truly evaluate structural defects in your code to mitigate RISK before it goes into production. CAST AED provides developers with fast feedback and guidance to help remove defects early, as well as helping new developers gain a system-level vision of the application to produce better software.

“CAST has shined a light into the black box of our applications.”

- Dr. Ray Russo, Head of Enterprise IT, FDA

Some of the benefits that CAST AED delivers include:

  •   Reduced risk through detection of potential critical issues earlier
  •   Greater safety of the entire system
  •   Improved data integrity by identifying corrupting defects
  •   Better prevention of software disasters
  •   Increased scalability with improved coding practices

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