CAST Application Analytics Dashboard

Business Relevant Analytics for CIOs and IT Leaders

CAST Application Analytics Dashboard (AAD) provides CIOs and IT executives with accurate and business relevant analytics about their applications through a comprehensive dashboard that helps align IT with the business and finance. CAST delivers these insights through Health Factors and Measurements that give real data about your applications. This industry-standard data based on CISQ, OMG, and CWE standards is displayed through the AAD in a way that lets you drill-down and explore the metrics that drive your applications.

The insight available through CAST AAD delivers significant benefits to your business including:

  • Creating an objective dialogue between your team and the business, your finance team, and suppliers
  • Better decision-making by getting real data and insight into quality, costs, and risk
  • Comparable objective measurements of suppliers’ productivity and quality to better manage vendors
  • Accurate, reliable, and useful measurements of your team such as throughput and health factor trending to foster continuous improvement

Software Health Factors

Application Analytics Dashboard - Schema