Structural Quality Gate

The Problem

Architectural bottlenecks, non-compliance with architectural controls, and unexpected interactions between application components can result in deeply-hidden problems that pass functional and non-functional tests, but will inevitably erupt in production.  According to some industry experts, structural quality drives 30% of major production defects which can lead lower productivity, high costs/TCO, and more risk for business operations.

The Solution

The Structural Quality Gate is explicitly designed to detect and help minimize these problems.  Operating the Structural Quality Gate as a managed service entails running the CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) and providing only subset of AIP data to the client and their development team or vendor. The CAST AIP is an award-winning platform for software analysis and measurement, capable of delivering a great deal of insight into the structure, size, quality and architecture of the application being analyzed.

The Structural Quality Gate is a natural complement to the testing services you currently provide. It is designed to seamlessly fit into your current Testing offering.  It is designed to ­find and help ­fix structural quality problems that testing cannot. The quality metrics it generates give you a window into the fundamental issues affecting quality, which allows for unique insight - an enviable "control tower" position of visibility over the entire account.

The Results

Measuring and capturing potential issues with the Structural Quality Gate provides input that can be fed into a continuous improvement process for application development and maintenance teams as well as insight to business owners. This greater visibility allows application lifecycle decision-making to be based on facts and metrics, which results in efficiency, agility throughout the lifecycle.  It also helps to control costs and reduce risks.   Your clients benefit from all-inclusive services with a high added-value.  

In return you get:

  • Increase revenue-adding the Structural Quality Gate to your offering list is a sure-fire way to grow revenue
  • Differentiated offering-distinguished by the ability to gain deep insight into the key architectural characteristics that drive cost and risk
  • Tactical way to penetrate new accounts & up-sell technical projects-powered by the synthesis of the insight from the Structural Quality Gate
  • Higher business margins-deeper insight allows for high value and higher margin services