CAST Partner Service Innovation

CAST collaborates with partners in the delivery of solutions that help any customer reliant on software to run their business. Together we transform the development and management of applications to a model in which risk is proactively mitigated, productivity is optimized, quality is continually improved, and costs are reduced.

Either through the creation of new services or the augmentation of your existing services, CAST helps you bring innovation and value to your customer while providing you with additional service opportunities. Our Innovative Partner Services are focused on two distinct areas:

  • Rapid Portfolio Analysis (RPA): A cloud-based application analysis service that quickly and inexpensively profiles large IT portfolios. CIOs will love the immediate insight into risk, quality,complexity, size and technical debt of their application portfolios. Your sales team will love the differentiation and innovation that RPA presents - opening doors to new accounts and expanding footprints in existing accounts.

  • Structural Quality Assessment (SQA): An enterprise solution combing multi-tier system analysis, industry benchmarks and predictive analytics to paint the entire picture of an applications' health. The Application Owner will be thrilled to finally have a fact-based application dashboard along with the ability to create an prioritized action plan for remediation. Your Application Services team will have an unparalleled capability to fully analyze an application from "top to bottom" - enabling proactive positioning of their full portfolio of up-sell services.

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