Due Diligence

The Problem

As companies begin the selection process for an outsourcing partner, they look for one that can deliver what they need in the right timeframe, at the highest quality and for the best price. For the outsourcer bidding on the contract, it can be a struggle to provide an aggressive and realistic bid in a short timeframe, facing extremely tight competition and with very little knowledge of your potential client's application portfolio.

The Solution

In the short amount of time allowed during these early phases, CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP)  provides the capabilities to conduct an extensive application assessment for all applications, including those identified as at risk or critical to the business. The assessment delivers high-level application complexity, sizing and quality metrics. 

Armed with this information, CAST AIP takes your bid or due diligence process from one missing key insight into what you are really about to take on, to one that has the knowledge so that you can better estimate the future cost of development or maintenance, prioritize which application should be looked at first and isolate those applications that will require the most effort via support, transformation or remediation.