The Problem

What will happen if you do not reach your contractual annual productivity gains? Financial penalties may apply as stated in Service Level Agreements (SLAs).  Furthermore, keeping your client happy is your number one priority with many of them now requiring increased transparency in terms of quality and quantity of the work being developed and delivered to them on top of the contractual cost reductions.

The Solution

By using the CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP), the development lead of an application outsourcing contract can now monitor and measure the quality and quantity of the work produced by the team helping improve their overall productivity by 5-30%.  In addition, you can reduce bottlenecks caused by overly relying on key application subject matter experts simply by sharing the needed technical documentation across the team. Last but not least, CAST's metrics - from our AD Governance Dashboard - (quality and quantity of work produced) can be shared with the clients in order to provide them with the needed transparency and pave the way to increased client satisfaction and retention in a highly competitive market.  It also helps significantly with the Application Maintenance (AM) process of the client application portfolio.