Application Outsourcing

Increased price pressure puts already razor-thin margins in further jeopardy. Being held to more complex SLA metrics. Expectations to be more transparent around productivity and quality. Have Application Outsourcing providers ever faced more challenges? It all comes at a time when they are working with customers that are becoming increasingly "outsourcing savvy" while at the same time battling an ultra-competitive business environment. Most of these providers find themselves at a crossroads - evolve or risk losing business.

Application Outsourcers are increasingly playing in a double-digit growth market with strong competition and high customer expectations in terms of quality and cost of deliverables. Often, this environment forces outsources to act quickly and take significant risks when bidding, even before having all the necessary factual data from the client's existing application portfolio. To drive the increased profitability needed to succeed, outsourcers must commit to significant productivity gains over the contract's duration while providing high quality deliverables to the business.

CAST helps Outsourcers in four major ways:

CAST has partnered with major outsourcing vendors such as IBM Global Services, Capgemini, ATOS Origin, CSC, Accenture, EDS, and T-Systems providing them with solutions to both meet their needs and bring tangible value all along the outsourcing cycle. The CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) provides outsourcers with the solutions needed to bring them risk mitigation during the bidding and due diligence phases, faster and cheaper technical knowledge transfer, as well as an average 5-30% productivity gain for application delivery. CAST solutions also help outsourcers differentiate themselves from the competition by providing customers with visibility into the quantity and quality of deliverable.

CAST in Action

“CAST permits IBM to have both flexibility and responsiveness in reacting to different end user requirements.” Mr. Marzola, VP Business Development, IBM Global Services, South Europe

“Based on a roll out on 7 different projects, we have experienced direct ROI ranging between 10% and 18% in Outsourced Application Management.” Mr. David Kien, Application Management Director, Atos Origin

“With CAST, we have unprecedented visibility into the application assets we take on for outsourcing. CAST helps Capgemini industrialize and rationalize our delivery processes, reducing risk, speeding delivery, and improving client satisfaction.” Mr. Grant Smithson, Transition Manager at Capgemini Americas.

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