A Free Guide to Building Business Capabilities and Improving the Application Landscape

Saad Ayub

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Saad Ayub
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"Our business is rapidly changing and it’s fair to say that our application landscape – both in terms of its complexity and its lack of flexibility – is now more an inhibitor to innovation than a driver of it."
- Capgemini 2014 Application Landscape Report

"Analytics-driven organizations outperform their industry peers by 2.2 times, and recognize that analytics truly help them be more competitive."
- IBM and MIT Sloan


How Software Analytics helps IT Planning and Budgeting:

  • Facts Help Balance the Struggle Between Top Down and Bottom Up
  • Creates Insight that Improves Time to Market
  • Generates Transparency to Mitigate Risk to the Business
  • Provides Data to Support Dynamic Staffing Models

In this guide you learn to:

  • Flip the landscape conversation into language business understands and considers important
  • Establish metrics that will be used for decision making for landscape improvement
  • Engage non-technical partners using fact-based, business relevant analytics.

CAST helps clients gain unprecedented insight into their IT portfolios every day. You can no longer afford to make decisions based on limited visibility and gut feel. CAST Software Analytics helps clients:

  • 20-40% Reduction in Production Outages
  • 10% Fewer Troubled Systems
  • 20% Improvement in Time to Market
  • 20% Increase in ADM Throughput
  • 5% Reduction in Outsourcing Spend
  • 1-5% Reduction in Application Total Ownership Cost
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