BDO Canada, in collaboration with Casewise and CAST, invites Directors and IT leaders to discover an innovative approach to better address IT challenges and maximize application value. This session will explore how to optimize your business portfolio by better managing the life cycle of applications and gaining an objective overview of the portfolio's important dimensions including risk and total cost of ownership.

On July 14 in New York, IT leaders are invited to discover the impact of brand-damaging incidences caused by hidden data integrity and application resiliency risks. Explore how industry leaders find and mitigate these damaging risks, gain transparency into the obscure software “black box” and protect their brand from these costly vulnerabilities

On September 29 in LA, join a game-changing and strategic alliance, partnered by Highlight & Casewise, to discover insights and best practices to build an agile ecosystem, gain control of your portfolio and solve the pains of bridging the gap between strategy and execution. Take advantage of an integrated solution that encompasses the best of the EA & APA worlds.