Join software measurement practitioners from government and industry for ongoing training and knowledge sharing around software analysis and measurement and utilization of software analytics in all aspects of enterprise program and development management. At the request of the user community, we will provide the latest insights and case studies on the topic of Automated Function Points and Enterprise Productivity Measurement.

The CIO Advisory Practice of CAPCO, the leading provider of consulting services dedicated solely to the financial services industry & The Banking and Financial Services division of CAST, the worldwide leader in Software Analysis & Measurement, invite you to an exclusive Executive Breakfast “Running Agile IT as a Business: The Compelling Value of Measuring IT Transformation.

Unase a nosotros en el espacio Demo Lab y experimente con nuestra herramienta CAST AIP en un entorno divertido e informal.

During the event will be presented some case studies related to the proactive management of risks and some International and Italian analysts will illustrate the most important "6-zeros disaster" that we have seen recently suggesting measures that you can take to prevent them and not be forced to address them.

The conference will be sponsored by the CISQ, OMG organ that deals with software measurement, through the presence of its Operations Director Dr. Bill Curtis