Align Vendor SLAs with Long Term Value

Managing your ADM vendors on the standard SLA terms of cost and timelines is no longer enough.  Meeting schedules and delivering functionality don’t count for much if the delivered code is not robust, secure or maintainable and if it has an adverse impact on IT capability or business agility.  Badly constructed code will create barriers to shifting resources and dollars to new initiatives, and will force you to spend more on maintaining existing applications. 

Join us to hear from Steve Hall, Partner at ISG (formerly TPI), a leading research, consulting and advisory services firm, and author of "Managing Global Development Risk”.  Learn how to mitigate risk and maintain value from vendor relationships by ensuring you:

  • Build healthier and transparent relationships with vendors based on practical, meaningful metrics
  • Avoid vendor lock-in by making sure your applications can be easily transferred and quickly understood from one team or vendor to another
  • Improve production support activities by focusing on application quality
  • Align metrics between vendor management and project managers

You’ll also hear real-world examples of IT organizations that have achieved transparency over their application development and maintenance supply chain by incorporating application structural quality measurement to manage vendor deliverables.

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