Manage Software Risk with CAST

Like every other senior IT executive, you must be hoping one of your mission critical applications doesn’t face a fate similar to the issues that have plagued Knight Capital, Southwest Airlines, NASDAQ with the Facebook IPO, LinkedIn, United Airlines, BATS and RBS Natwest. Frequently, the cause of failure is traced back to a “software glitch” that could have been prevented.

On Thursday, September 20th, join us for a webinar to learn how you can assess the risk and resiliency in your key applications to proactively prevent these types of failures. You’ll hear how CAST’s Application Intelligence Platform and Rapid Portfolio Analysis solutions can:

  • Identify the root causes of these risks before they become production problems and drill down directly to the underlying code at risk to help speed remediation
  • Gain greater visibility through automated code review while ensuring compliance with technical standards and best practices
  • Expedite time-to-market with shorter release timelines and improved business agility

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