Is Application Stability and Performance Slowing Your Development Down?


Steve Naylor - Solvay

If you want to prevent performance and stability issues plaguing your SAP deployments and other custom applications join this 45 minute discussion, as Solvay, a global manufacturer, shares how software analysis provides insight into legacy systems, identifies unknown security issues, and reveals hidden complexity.

We all know that excessive complexity, lack of visibility and fast-paced business demands don’t mix well. With offshore software factories in different locations and applications that support over 12,000 users, Software Development Manager Steve Naylor knows that visibility is critical to maintaining uninterrupted services while reducing development costs. In this webinar, he will discuss how objective assessment and access to development and architectural standards has transformed development efforts – enabling Solvay to keep pace with business demands, reduce cost and risk.


Come learn how Solvay reduced performance and stability issues:

  • Optimize System Performance

    • Target remediation based on CAST performance violations and run-time transaction statistics (ST03N)
    • Establish priorities that improve system performance and stability
  • Mitigate Stability Risks

    • Prevent production down-time by poor programming practices
    • Provide insight into how to improve weaknesses in legacy code
  • Control Outsourcing Contracts

    • Develop SLAs based on objective quality and quantity metrics
    • Be confident in the cost and output of vendor SAP customizations and upgrades

CAST and their partner Inventy, expert on cost, performance and risk management in the SAP environment, will present key market insights about SAP deployments, and latest technologies on quality gate for SAP customizations.

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