Reduce Software Risk through Improved Quality Measures

Changes in the way software is delivered, consumed, and deployed brings constantly shifting challenges, but also an opportunity for an increased focus on quality—and not only in Testing and QA services. Quality needs to evolve from the traditional emphasis on defect densities and remediation to encompass additional measures like technical debt, as well as considering how it can be used for risk mitigation and management.

Join us to hear guest speaker Bill Martorelli, Principal Analyst with Forrester Research, Inc, engage in a conversation with Dr. Richard Mark Soley, Chairman and CEO of OMG and executives at CAST and Tata Consultancy Services Limited on the new impetus to “shift left” in achieving quality assurance earlier in the traditional lifecycle.

These industry leaders will provide insight on how you can:

  • Achieve quality assurance in both traditional waterfall and agile models
  • Respond to the influence of continuous delivery via DevOps
  • React to challenges of next-generation applications impacted by mobility, social and big data
  • Adapt and evolve design, build and testing practices
  • Enable improved decision-making with new measures of quality in a more dynamic applications environment



Bill Martorelli, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research


Dr. Richard Mark SoleyChairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Object Management Group

Logo tata

Siva Ganesan, Vice-President & Global Head of Assurance ServicesTCS


Lev Lesokhin, EVP, Strategy & Market Development, CAST


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