ERP Customization Kills Innovation


Forrester recently found that innovation has topped cost-cutting as an IT priority for the first time since the economic downturn. Of course all IT organizations still need to focus on cost containment, but they must do so while gearing up for innovation and growth to meet the needs of the business.

The rampant over-customization of ERP systems has led to disproportionate effort spent on system performance and availability issues, and also made outsourcing arrangements less effective-in the end, this wasted time and money is a hindrance to the adoption of the functionality and capabilities required to innovate.

Join our webinar with featured guest Liz Herbert, Principal Analyst with Forrester Research Inc, to learn how to take control of your ERP system to enable growth and revenue generation by learning to:

  • Find the balance between cost control and business innovation
  • Manage the TCO of ERP systems by reducing complexity
  • Identify performance and stability vulnerabilities by focusing on the quality of customizations

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