The ABCs of APM: Analytics, Benchmarking & Control

If you are among 85% of IT executives who are in need of portfolio rationalization, you won’t want to miss our webinar with Ron Tolido, SVP and CTO of Applications with Capgemini, and author of the Capgemini “Application Landscape Report”. 

Ron will share insights from the report and, along with other industry leaders, will discuss how an analytical approach to rationalization can control budgets and free up funds for innovation—providing an immediate ROI.

The discussion will cover how you can:

  • Perform effective, fact-based portfolio analysis
  • Identify applications that should be retired, an essential step in the life-cycle
  • Benchmark your applications within the portfolio or against industry peers
  • Make the transition to bringing in more standardized, scalable and maintainable offerings
  • Adopt new practices to control and modernize the application landscape on an ongoing basis

We will also review real-life examples of how you can reduce costs, improve time to value and enhance decision-making through fact-based discovery and analysis with a comprehensive, technology-enabled Application Portfolio Assessment.

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