Java Applications and Coffee: The Variations are Endless

When it comes to how you like your coffee, it is all about individual preferences and personal opinion. However, the same can’t be said about Java applications—the framework you choose should be carefully evaluated and rationalized against objective facts and business requirements. The age-old question, “What is the perfect combination of frameworks and technologies?” is as old as the Java language itself.

At CAST Research Labs (CRL) we set out to help answer this question, and many others IT Executives and Enterprise Architects face. However, we have a slight advantage – CRL has a repository of static analysis data on hundreds of Java business applications with different framework and database combinations.

Join us to hear our analysis on these applications, including the answers to questions including:

 What is the impact of different frameworks on application structural quality, performance, security, robustness, and maintainability?

 Do frameworks help in controlling the overall quality of applications?

 Should applications with struts be retired?

 What happens when Java applications are combined with other technologies such as .NET, C/C++, and COBOL?

They say hindsight is 20/20, but you can take advantage of our findings to create a better vision for future Java application development—so don’t miss it!

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