Top 10 reasons to join CAST

CAST is at great place to work (see Current Job Openings). In today’s software world, CAST is one of the rare ventures where the shareholders, the board of directors, the founder and CEO, and all at CAST are deeply committed to a long-term entrepreneurial vision. Here are the top ten reasons why you should consider working at CAST:

  • A big impact: There are companies that ride waves, and others that make them. All at CAST are proud to have created a new market space and are bullish to revolutionize the IT software market.
  • Huge potential: The overall IT software market size is ~ $500B per year, and every piece of software built, sold or acquired need to be measured. This is just the beginning.
  • A market leader: Leading analysts recognize CAST as the leader in this market, and as having deep expertise in the field of software analysis and measurement, unsurpassed.
  • A reliable company: CAST enjoys profitable growth, has a healthy balance sheet and is supported by long-term, reliable, very strong financial partners. 
  • Unique technology: CAST R&D consists of elite software engineers, from the most prestigious engineering institutions worldwide, and have been working over 20 years to develop technology that's unrivaled in the market.
  • Impressive customer base: In the US, Europe, India, and East Asia, and in each industry vertical, CAST has numerous leading customers. As of 2015, 9 out of the top 10 largest Systems Integrators have already adopted CAST as a standard.
  • Career opportunity: CAST is forecasting double-digit annual growth for the coming five years. Geographical and functional mobility provide many career opportunities.
  • Great comp: CAST’s compensation packages and benefits are highly competitive for those who pass our selective recruiting process. For the business folks the opportunity of over-achievement is real, accelerators generous, and there is no cap.
  • Passion for the high-tech-oriented: CAST is a place to be for the passionate. We analyze hundreds of highly complex, varied, mission-critical systems, daily dealing with more than 40 programming technologies, middleware, and databases.
  • No politics: CAST is a politics-free zone, and top management pays particular attention to enable true team work, rather than posturing and jockeying.

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