Top 10 reasons to join CAST...

CAST is at great place to work (see Current Job Openings), here are the top ten reasons why you should consider working at CAST:

  • It’s an exciting and visionary company: CAST is not a company selling tools and looking to fill a gap in a sought-after acquirer’s product portfolio. Cashing out next year is not the goal. The CEO and the Board of Directors are committed to long-term entrepreneurship, and CAST is successfully creating its own market space, and making an impact. With the concept of Application Intelligence, CAST is at the forefront of a paradigm shift in the enterprise application development world. Gradually, the industry is moving into a more mature era, where development must be run like a business, driven by performance and operational excellence. It is exciting to those at CAST not to just be commercially successful, but also to introduce transparency into an often very obscure world, and change the way things are done. There are companies that ride waves, and others that make them. CAST is creating a new market space that revolutionizes the way IT executives run and procure application development today.
  • Huge market -- the sky’s the limit: CAST provides a much needed technology for thousands of companies and systems integrators worldwide that need to boost their level of maturity. A rough estimate of the potential market size gives a minimum of 4 billion dollars. And this is just the beginning.
  • Market leader position and strong barriers-to-entry: Leading analysts recognize CAST as the leader of this emerging market and no other software company possesses a technology that handles most modern development languages and architectures. This is the result of over 19 years of R&D investment ($100 million cumulative), in the field of software analysis and measurement.
  • CAST is a solid company: CAST is not a "slideware start-up" with dreams of conquering the world. We have been serving the needs of Fortune 500 enterprises, government agencies and systems integrators in Europe and US for years. CAST has a healthy balance sheet and has a key, long-term financial partner -- the giant Allianz group. 
  • Selling a real product: With already 250 customers and thousands of software applications being currently analyzed and measured by the CAST Application Intelligence Platform, CAST product depth is field-proven and unrivaled. CAST’s R&D team of elite software engineers, educated in some of the most prestigious engineering institutions worldwide, have been working over 18 years in a long-term commitment to developing the top technology in the market.
  • High growth expected: CAST expects to become increasingly profitable, and is forecasting compound two-digit annual growth for the coming five years, with 50% growth of new software sales. CAST’s size will triple within the coming 5 years, bringing many career opportunities for those in line with company values.
  • The right place at the right time: Too early is too early. Too late is too late. CAST offers the best possible timing for those who want to be “in the right place at the right time.” Early enough to have quotas and goals that are significantly over-achievable, late enough to have its own infrastructure, inside sales, field marketing and PR plan to sustain field efforts.
  • Fair compensation with possible big upside: CAST’s compensation packages and benefits are competitive with industry leaders, but the chance of significant over-achievement is real and the accelerators generous.
  • Passion and high-tech for the technically-oriented: CAST is a place for the passionate. Our deep understanding of application development is rooted in practical field experience and our people strive to deliver value through innovative technology.
  • No politics and a positive attitude: At CAST, we believe that the greatest asset is our people and their ability to work as a team. Our success is measured not just by our market value. Helping our customers, partners, and colleagues succeed every single day is just as important. While many software companies are hindered by politics as they grow, CAST is a politics-free zone. The company’s values are: respect, directness, and a strong work ethic. In such an environment, everybody can maintain a positive attitude and work together at building a very successful and respectable company.

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