CAST Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is at the heart of our management policies and business processes at CAST.  In addition to its two statutory auditors (PriceWaterhouseCoopers & BMV), CAST has an Audit Committee in place. Besides these external bodies, CAST constantly works on improving its internal control processes.

Consequently, we constantly strive to implement corporate governance best practices:

  • our internal control team ensures that everyone complies with our rules;
  • we unceasingly seek to disseminate relevant, reliable and increasingly more transparent information to investors;
  • in a context of constant evolution of the accounting, legal and tax rules, we dedicate resources to apprehend, analyze and communicate the possible impacts of these changes on our operations.

I am convinced that our focus on good corporate governance is a major asset contributing to the development and the success of our company.

Vincent Delaroche
Chairman and CEO