Improve ADM Vendor Relationships Through
Outcome-Based Contracts

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Gain insight on how outcome-based contracts:

  • Are more effective than traditional SLAs, which are time and milestones driven
  • Enable a fundamental shift towards value for the client and the IT vendor
  • Fit within Agile development projects
  • Improve supplier relationships, driving value

Key metrics accelerating use of outcome based contracts:

  • 57% of CIOs favor outcome-based contracts
  • 1 in 2 contracts have outcome-based components

We integrate CAST into contracts between us and our partners – we take a snapshot at the start and monitor the score throughout the duration of the contract. That enables more efficient transferability.


Any organization that outsources a lot of custom development and enhancement should care about CAST, which has become the de facto standard for measuring the quality and productivity of vendor deliveries in some markets.


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