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  • SODA, Anyone?

    It’s no surprise that organizations are moving more and more of their business critical systems to the cloud because of its availability, speed, and ease-of-use. But how does this effect and organizations ability to properly test and maintain the quality of those systems?

  • The government wasn’t the only thing that shut down Oct. 1

    In the midst of debt ceiling and government shutdown negotiations on Monday, the Obama Administration launched its new online health insurance marketplace -- -- where Americans can go to shop for affordable healthcare.

    However, it seems even the federal government isn’t immune from technical snags.

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  • To each task its tool

    Measuring application quality to get useful results requires proper analysis of the right source code perimeter in the most relevant way. But it doesn’t stop with just one measurement, you can follow the evolution of indicators for a given period in order to anticipate potential troubles and to be in a position to make good decisions.

  • As software evolves, the need for quality is the same

    Everything moves fast in the IT world. It is said that a year can be translated to seven years in a dog’s life. Well, the translation is much higher in IT. Every year, new computing languages are created. They might differ from the previous one by a comma, but they are created nonetheless. Should we adapt our conceptions of software quality to those new languages?

  • CAST AIP 7.1 update brings relevant & reliable software quality metrics to the enterprise

    With a worrying uptick in the number of IT glitches, halts, and crashes that have been plaguing Wall Street and other critical industries over the past year, business leaders are beginning to realize the importance of tracking the software quality and risk metrics of their core business applications to keep them robust and reliable.

  • New CAST AIP Release: Part 3 - The Design

    Good things come in three! I wouldn’t say we have saved the best for last, but the information we’re covering in this post is an exciting one! If you haven’t been following our series, I encourage you to read about what we have already announced is coming in AIP 7.1 -- the new delivery management tool and the Appmarq industry benchmarking repository. In this post, we wanted to give you an advance preview of a feature that will be made available towards the end of the year, with the next release of AIP. We’re talking about the design of our dashboard.

  • New CAST AIP Release: Part 2 - Appmarq

    As you may have heard, we are launching a brand-new version of CAST Application Intelligence Platform this month, and we’re giving our readers a special preview of what’s in store for the release in a series of blog posts. In case you missed it, we previously shared details on the new Delivery Management Tool that eases the process of delivering enterprise source code.

  • Nothing but .NET! Successful US Military implementation the result of great teamwork

    There is that rare moment in a basketball game when a player has the right combination of variables and the ball sails through the net without touching the rim. Recently, David Consulting Group (DCG) assembled a great team to work on a .NET project for a branch of the United States military, and CAST was pleased to be included in a project that achieved that proverbial “swish.”

  • Calling all CAST fans! New CAST AIP release: Part 1 – Delivery Management Tool

    Remember when you were younger and would anxiously wait to hear the latest release from your favorite band? Before iTunes and online music services, it required listening to the radio hoping to tune in just when they would play it and rushing out to the record store to buy the new album.

    We feel the same way about the latest release of the CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP), and we think you will too! We are so excited about the newest version of the platform that we are doing something that most software companies don’t do -- give you an advance look at upcoming features and technologies in AIP 7.1.

  • Open Spaces at the Agile Conference

    When I arrived at Agile 2013, I looked at the program and picked out sessions -- mostly about improving the front-end of development. In order to do this, I had to pass the lounge area, which had tables, chairs, couches, easels ... and lots and lots of white boards. This area was the “open jam”, a collaboration space where anyone could propose anything.

  • One + One = Three: DCG Extends Outsourced ADM Support Offerings with CAST

    CAST has worked with David Consulting Group (DCG), the premier global provider of Application Development & Maintenance (ADM) support solutions for software optimization, for many years. Illustrating the maturing Software Analysis & Measurement market, DCG recently expanded their offerings to include the Application Code Quality Center of Excellence, providing comprehensive code quality and portfolio analysis services powered by CAST.

  • Extending Agile To The Left

    At a time when other conferences are splitting into smaller and smaller regional and micro-tech events, the Agile Conference, with its 1,700 attendees, stands alone.

    Alone and overwhelming. The event had sixteen different tracks spanning everything from DevOps to coaching and mentoring, leadership, and lean startup to classic elements like development, testing, and quality assurance.

    Not to mention the vendor booths, the Stalwarts Stage (where experts "just" answered questions for 75 minutes), the four-day boot camp for beginners, and the academic track. The 215 sessions brought one word to mind: overwhelming.

    Instead of focusing on one track or concept, I spent my time at the conference looking for themes and patterns. What surprised me was where I found those ideas -- to the left, in product design, and to the right, in DevOps, not in the middle, in classic software.

  • The market just crashed! Get CAST on the phone!

    A few weeks ago, we wrote a blog post about the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Regulation SCI, aimed at more closely regulating the IT systems running the majority of the US stock exchanges and injecting investor confidence back into the market.

  • Portfolio Triage

    We are heading into everyone’s favorite season.  No, not the kids going back-to-school or the leaves changing into a riot of fall colors -- it’s budgeting season!  Once again it’s time to make plans and set budgets for the next 12 months.  Yet the enterprise architecture is a mess (or non-existent), your portfolio management process has yet to get out of the starting gate, and you need to reduce overall spend by 8%.

  • CIOs Must Take Stock!

    You’ve taken the obvious steps to cut costs in your application portfolio, so where do you go next?  With a large, dispersed IT infrastructure and systems that operate in silos, often with duplicative functionality, it’s not necessary to take on your portfolio in a single bite.

  • NASDAQ Halts Trading for 3 Hours

    Wall Street traders took to Twitter today to lament the 3 hour system outage that crippled NASDAQ and left stocks flat. The outage started around 12:15pm after its Securities Information Processor was incorrectly disseminating the wrong quotes and prices.

  • Goldman Sachs proves that electronic dangers still exist on Wall Street

    It was another shaky day on Wall Street Tuesday morning. In an apparent system error, a Goldman Sachs algorithm running on the options exchange set incorrect price limits on a number of ticket symbols.

  • You’re on Day One as a New CIO – Now What?!

    Starting a new job is incredibly stressful as you’re thrust into a brand new environment with new people, new policies, and new systems that you’re unfamiliar with (not to mention checking out the snack situation and learning how to work the security card system -- after you get locked out at least once). Your first few weeks as the “new guy” or “new lady” buys you some slack, but you are still expected to learn as much as possible, as quickly as possible so you can start contributing. Well take that situation and multiply it by about a thousand and that’s what it’s like for a new CIO.

  • Software Risk Goes to Washington

    As technology increasingly becomes the backbone of business, it is also becoming the single most expensive asset within any organization—bringing the topic straight to the boardroom. What most of us may not appreciate is that the custom software being built for enterprises has surpassed a threshold of complexity that would allow for any one person to understand an entire mission-critical system. And, unlike any other part of our critical infrastructure, there is no single manager who is responsible and accountable for the integrity of a company’s software backbone.

  • Two Decades of Technical Debt And What Do We Know?

    It’s been over 20 years since Ward Cunningham introduced the debt metaphor with an experience report at OOPSLA, the conference for Object Oriented Programming. At the time, Cunningham was arguing that debt was a good idea -- you could get the software out faster by taking shortcuts, collect additional revenue, and come back later to pay it off.